Forest Language Camps – Overnight Stays

Spending a few days together talking in a foreign language is not impossible for a child or teenager! Their knowledge of English is often greater than we think – they only need practice. That is why attending a Forest Language Camp over several days will be so helpful for them.

Our Forest Language Camps  aim to immerse children in nature to learn new skills. We help children gain a better understanding of the language using native speakers to  ensure children learn correct pronunciation and language use. Whether they want to be proficient in English, Spanish, Dutch or French, our teachers run camps throughout the year that your child can get involved in.

Our Forest Language Camps won’t feel like school, we make learning fun through exciting games and activities, from yoga to filmmaking, depending on the skills of our camp leaders. This is to ensure the kids enjoy their time here at Munay – while still learning, and that they leave us having gained warm memories and fond friendships. At a Forest Language Camp, your child can take part in activities such as permaculture, meditation, swimming, campfires, forest adventure games and much more. We serve healthy vegetarian food and offer cosy accommodation in our on-site apartment and tiny house.

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Forest English Summer Camp 1:

For teenagers between 13 and 16 years old (Class 7 until Class 11) from 25-30 June 2022 – This camp is fully booked.

Forest English Summer Camp 2

For children between 10 and 12 years old (Class 4 until Class 6) from 3-8 July 2022.

Forest French Summer Camp – Camp d’été dans le fôret

For whom? For teenagers between 12 and 16 years old (Class 6 until Class 10)

When? From Wednesday, 3. August at 10am until Saturday, 6. August 2022 at 11pm.

The Camp will be cancelled if we do not reach 6 participants and 1 French native speaker. Inscriptions are allowed until the end of June 2022.


Please make a reservation for your stay here, and if you would like to be kept informed of upcoming Language Camps, or would like to apply for a Language Camp (whether French, Spanish, Dutch or English) for a certain period of time, please don’t hesitate to write us an Email.